Okay, so last week I started on this themed stories that I am keen to work on, only because I really need to get a grasp of theme before I start writing rather than trying to figure it out afterwards.  Why is this important to me?  Well, being a less than logical thinker, I tend to do things the hard way, and I write and write and write until I am finished, then I tend to think – okay, so what is the plot? what is the theme? why did I give those characters those traits.  Normally writing is just a natural thing for me, although people who read my writing often wonder what planet I was on when I was writing,  but hey, I only write for my own enjoyment, (and I have discovered that I really would go mad if I didn’t write or be creative in some way – ask my husband!)

So last week I started this story about Sara, that I want to turn into a novel.  I did the set up story, where she had to move house, her mother is killed and she moved into a new place all within a three week period.  It came together so nicely that I even got to start on the next story – Love is Everchanging.

Because I have been trying to thrash out a novel as well, I have decided to work on two short stories a week, because I have been doing 10k a week on average, so I want to keep up the momentum.  This week I think I will focus on : friends – because with recent events in my life I have realised just how valuable friends are.

Sara is turning into quite a troubled twenty something, who thinks that her life has just crashed in on her, and it has, but she will come out the other end a stronger person because of all the interactions she has.

I have also decided to do away with the words of the week, only because I have found that while I can use them, they don’t easily lend themselves to what I want to write, and I have found that if I try to work them in, I lose the thread of my story.

To go with my new buoyant mood, I have also updated my page.  As much as I love my “Bridge of Serenity” as I named it, I thought I needed something that reflected the changes I am making in my life, and I liked this one instantly!  It has an Asian feel without being too over the top.  So for now, this is my new page.  Enjoy!

Creativity Workshop – Themes Week II
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2 thoughts on “Creativity Workshop – Themes Week II

  • June 28, 2010 at 10:46 am

    It’s nice to change the look now and then I think – though I have to confess that once I changed mine I was constantly tempted to try other new themes out 😉

    Hope the writing goes well this week! The story/novel sounds like it has heaps of potential, and is something a bit different for you too I think. Looking forward to getting a chance to read it 🙂

    • June 28, 2010 at 12:35 pm

      Thanks Cassie, I do like this look, but I am not one for change, so I won’t go looking around for another one – just yet! I have been on this blogsite for almost a year – pretty exciting really.

      Yes writing is going great at the moment, and I am enjoying the process. I am making the most of it while I can.


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