OK, so we are onto the third week of the Themes based short stories, and I am really getting into this.  Apart from the glitch where I have been telling the story rather than having it as a short story, I think I am over that now, and have some ideas of where I want to go.

So this week, as well as re-writing the stories I have already done, I also want to focus on two more stories – Stop trying to control the uncontrollable and you will be free and In all that you do, give generously.  These are two very important life lessons for me, because it took me a while to cotton on to them, but once I did, I have never felt more blessed than I am now!  Giving of my time, my resources, my money has really allowed me to feel more generous and the upshot is that I have more to give back when I do give generously!  Also learning to stop trying to control things, I have more time and effort to spend on those little things like reading to my son, listening to him talk about his favourite subjects (dinosaurs, whales or trains) or just sitting in the sunshine with my eyes closed and feeling the warmth on my skin.  Once upon a time, I didn’t allow myself time to do that because I didn’t have enough time.  Now I do!

So writing this week is going to be another fun week, provided I get work done!  With the school holidays it is going to be a challenge.

Creativity Workshop – Themes Week III
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