Last Day of SoCNoC over at the KiwiWriters website

Wahoo – how many others out there have finished their novels?  Are you still going?  Keep up the good work.

Wow, it has been an intense month, with lots of activity, buzzing, writing and fun things happening.  Did you find the new chat feature?  What did you think of that?

If you did finish your novel, then congratulations.  It is something to be proud of.  All I can recommend now is have a month off and join us again in August for The End is Nigh challenge, when you can finish off a project, perhaps your SoCNoC novel needs editing?  This is the perfect opportunity to get it finished.

But don’t run away from the site yet!  We have lots of forums that we want people to fill up and join in conversations, use the chat facility to communicate any problems, have word wars.  Don’t just abandon our new look site because you have finished your novel.

The fun has just begun!

Did You Win?
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