I have been anxious to get writing again, and I had thought to start writing my fairy story, but then I started creating a story for a friend of mine – and her storypen writing was about fairies, and it was bloody good.

And I kind of felt that if I wrote a story about fairies, then it would be like copying.  And I don’t ever want to be accused of that.  So the fairy story is on the back burner.

And then I decided that I would work on a dragon story that I had some plans for a wee while ago… and while I have two main characters and a taniwha, nothing else is coming together.

I have books full of ideas to work on, but nothing was really jumping out to me, until I thought back on one that I had on a poll a couple of years ago.  A steampunk story based in Nelson.  Why hadn’t I thought of it before now?  Because it got filed away in the background.

And the more I think about it, the more keen on the idea I am.  I won’t give ideas away, but I have a feisty main character, and an extraordinary ending, and a wonderful invention or two, all based in 1850’s / 1860’s Nelson when a recession was going on because the dreams and expectations of the new pioneers were not met by the NZ Company who were  going broke.

I love coming up with story ideas, and sometimes some will come forth better than others.  In this case, the dragon story, just doesn’t want to be written now, otherwise I would have come up with some story ideas by now.


Steampunk is new to me, but I have a fair idea of what I want to happen, and have a crazy inventor.  there is a lot of history and wonderful characters in Nelson around the 1850’s and 1860’s, and I have a few books on the local personalities at the time.  There is a wonderful female character who was very outstanding and used to sign letters to the editor with a non de plume.  It is suggested that even her husband didn’t know who she really was!  I think she definitely has to be in my story, she would make a great mentor for my female heroine.

But enough about that.  On Thursday a wonderful event is happening.  The End is Nigh.  No, not the end of the world, the end of some writing projects.  If you are interested, please check out this link for the End is Nigh.  It is a KiwiWriter Challenge, which I am hosting.  It involves finishing off a writing project, whether it be finishing writing on a project, editing a project, tidying up a project – anything to do with writing really.  It involves finishing it off.  I am going to work on finishing the middle section of The Gamble, and also tidy up Cursed Love, both of which will both be put away for another month before I work on editing them again.  I like to leave a project for a month or two before editing on it.  It helps to read the story anew, and come to it with fresh eyes.

So busy month ahead, with planning, plotting and editing  🙂

Fairies No More… Dragons No More… History Instead?
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One thought on “Fairies No More… Dragons No More… History Instead?

  • July 29, 2013 at 8:24 am

    Good luck with the new project, and with the end is nigh!


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