Where does the time go?  I reckon last year won a gold medal for speed, but this year will be creating its own record too!calendar

So where am I at?  Mentally, in a good space, although I still have ups and downs, but I won’t bore you with those today.

Writing wise – this year is looking quite exciting to me.  I have grand plans.  First of all, I have a new critique partner who is absolutely amazing and I love her so much!  Thanks Deryn Pittar for stepping up when I asked for new critique partners.  I don’t believe any writer can have too many critiquing friends.

Rosalind AllenScarlet Rose – my Who’s that Girl submission has been critiqued and proofread, and now I will have a final read through before I submit it on Saturday 15th February.  I will have it done before then, and probably submitted too, so I have time.

I am also entering a competition, but I can’t say much about it because then it spoils it for the judging.  So lets just say I am super excited about this one.

I also have Taniwha that I want to write – a modern twist on a fairytale – involving NZ.  I have so many ideas and thoughts about this one that I want to get it all planned out before I go insane  😉 – whoops, maybe that is why I keep getting depression!

Also, I have started on Huntress, and sent that through as my final writing assignment, and I got 92%.  It was critiqued by June Colbert who writes fantasy stories for children, and she was quite fascinated by the story idea – and the other two stories that would follow on.

So I have officially finished my Writing Fiction course and started the Copy Editing and Proofreading course – which is quite exciting.  Have done my first assignment ready to hand in, just want to check through it all first.

This year, is my year.  Last year I felt I bumbled my way through, but my husband is behind me this year, he told me that he would help me with self publishing if that is the road I choose to follow.  I am so lucky to have such support.  But I won’t be releasing anything in a hurry.  I have too much writing to do first!

February… Really?
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One thought on “February… Really?

  • February 3, 2014 at 11:16 pm

    Ooh, shiny new blog! 😀

    Glad to hear you’re doing better, Karen, and this year will definitely be your year. Good luck with everything, I’m tired just reading about all of that! 😉


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