My friend Cassie recently did a post on Genre, and how she was feeling trapped into writing the same genre every time she wrote a story.  Which made me think about my own writing.

While I don’t like writing chick lit, or murder mystery or anything more mainstream, I can’t say that I am stuck in any particular genre either.  The first two (four if you count each separate story in the soon to be non existent trilogy) stories I wrote were fantasy, because that was what the characters insisted on.  But the next one I want to write is more historical – it is still fantasy, but it is also based on mythical fact from ancient Greece, so a bit of research had to go into the story.  The one after that, well who knows, it all depends on who will pop up next I suppose.

What I suppose I am trying to say is that I am not driven to write any particular genre, I am driven by my characters.  Tycelon and Delonia were definitely Fantasy, as are Fabyan and Danya – although their story is more of a romance than action as in Chrystias.  My characters invade my life for the duration of writing.  I lived with Tycelon for close to 6 months, and now while I am editing the story, I can hear him in the background, not as forceful as he used to be (Boy was he forceful!). 

Currently, I have Medusa fussing around in my brain, trying to make me see her as a real person, which she no doubt was at one stage in history, all myths started with a base in reality!  While I haven’t concentrated on bringing her into the light of day yet, I can hear her giving me little snippets of information about her character, her mannerisms, her personality that will be reflected in the story, and hopefully I will be able to do her justice.

So I don’t feel trapped by any particular genre, I suppose it depends on the setting the characters give me, and if one should turn up who wants to be chick lit, then I guess I will have to write it – it had better be a good story though!

Genre – Hot Topic
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  • March 17, 2010 at 10:17 am

    It wasn’t so much that I was feeling trapped, as that I wasn’t sure whether to worry about being boxed in – about which novel I wanted to get published first, one that would allow me to maximise all the fun writing stuff that comes into my head without meaning I’d be expected to write a whole lot of stories that I wasn’t really passionate about.

    The thing I love about short stories is that you can write whatever you want, and no-one is going to hold it against you. When you are selling novels though your agent/audience will grow to expect certain things of you, one of which MIGHT be that you stick with your genre.

    That said, different people/sources of info say different things – some that you can write whatever you want and stuff be successful, some that you need to adapt your genre/writing to fit with the market, and others that say you need to stick with what you broke into the market on, or publish under different names if you really want to write across genres. To be honest I don’t know enough about the realities to know who is right or wrong. All I can do it write the stories I feel drawn to, and hope that it works out!


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