Odd title for a post, I know, but for a long time, I have found that it is a fabulous place to think (and driving is also a nice time for me to plot and plan novels too).  While working on The Gamble, I found (but I also knew) that there were a few problems with the story, not so much the plot line, but more how to show the change in Astra.

Before I proceed further on my epiphany, a little science lesson.  Apparently, most people get great ideas while walking in the rain, or during a shower, and the reason for this, is the negative ions that the falling droplets produce.

  • Simple explanation
    Simple explanation

    Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy.

  • Negative ions stabilize brain function – effect – relaxation and calmness.
  •  http://www.iriswellbeing.com/negative_ions.html – check out this link for more interesting points on how negative ions are good for our bodies and how walks in the rain, by waterfalls, or in forests can be beneficial.  So, having a shower or walking in the rain is actually good for you.

So back to the epiphany – My problem is there are three main characters – Evan, Astra and Gryffyn.  The place where Gryffyn and Astra live is a quiet place, but there are no other characters there, and I thought about introducing a travelling salesman to show how Astra went from being a quiet little mouse to someone who is more confident.

housekeeperAnd then I as I was climbing out of my shower, I thought – what about a housekeeper?  The house is large enough to accommodate one, and a housekeeper would act as a motherly kind of person for Gryffyn – and also Astra – and some of the ideas that I had about showing the change would work nicely with having a matronly type of person for Astra to relate to.  Would also explain some of the easiness with which Astra accepts Gryffyn’s big secret – if she already had an idea.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea, and as Astra and her own mother have a strained relationship, with a housekeeper, Astra could finally have the female acceptance she has always wanted, plus after the explosive ending, Astra would have some comfort from the housekeeper.

So here is your lesson for today – if you are stuck with a problem – have a shower or go for a walk in the rain or in a forest.  You might be surprised just how much information you might have stored in your brain when you get back.  And if you don’t get your ideas flowing, at least your health will be for it.

I Love Showers!
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