Shards of Ice is a Science Fiction piece about the head of the King’s Bodyguards and a Vigilante, and how they both have secrets that they can’t share.

I A2Z ChallengeIce Planet was the working title of the story until T G Ayers came up with Shards of Ice.

The planet itself is called Eldora.  It is a tiny planet, about the size of mercury and circles the Star known in the Sigk Galaxy as Sar’Th.  It is the 10th planet out of 15, and is on the outer reaches of the sun’s shine.  The remaining 5 planets are in virtual darkness.

Eldora is a distance from the sun, and it takes approximately 55 earth years for the planet to circumnavigate around the sun, hence the Calendar of Cycles.  The planet is relatively newly habited with beings, after several years of unrest.  Those who chose to live on the planet are hardy characters.  The royal family of Jokula came onto the planet in the late 5th Cycle (275th year since habitation) and their family has ruled the planet since then.  It is currently in its 12th Cycle.

Tomorrow we meet Madam Jamar

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Ice Planet – A to Z Challenge – Shards of Ice
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