I honestly can’t believe it, I am writing and I am enjoying it, and I have already done 5k towards HalfNoC!  Wow, I am seriously so stoked at the moment!  Wahoo, have a glass of wine to celebrate for me!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

It has been challenging, and a lot of the first part of the Medusa rewrite is just deleting irrelevant parts, but I am up to the nitty gritty now, where Medusa and Perseus meet – and I have set it up so that they have a relationship – but the ending is still elluding me.  It is for a happily ever after romance story, and we all know that Medusa gets her head chopped off, and my writing buddies LaVerne, Cherie and Sacha all like the idea of the curse ending with Medusa’s head being cut off, and she emerges from the ugly body as her new self… but here is the problem – we also know the Perseus marries Andromeda after rescuing her… So where do I go?

Initially my thoughts are to have Perseus claim that Medusa is Andromeda and comes up with a far fetched story, but it doesn’t sound whimsical enough for me.

Still, I have three weeks to mull ideas over, but if anyone can think of something interesting, do let me know, because I am all out of ideas at this stage.

But while I am talking about writing, I am so enjoying this process, that I am considering writing another story later in the year.  I might not participate in NaNo, but I might just spend a couple of months writing a fairy story that I have in mind (if only I can come up with an ending for it!)

Anyway – I AM WRITING!  Isn’t that just so exciting!

I’m Actually Doing It…
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