Jason Warden is one of the contributors of the Masters of Horror Anthology.  You can visit his site at ShadowCast Audio.

What was the inspiration behind your story Once Seen?

My story was inspired by a combination of several H.P. Lovecraft stories, but mostly just the overarching theme of his work. That being, in my view, that the quest for knowledge may lead to our own demise.
How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for about ten years, writing well for about a year, and writing Horror more or less the whole time. More and more often, whether on purpose or not, I find myself including some form of Science Fiction in my Horror.  

When did you first decide that Horror was your thing?

I’ve always loved Horror, it has always resonated with me as a particularly powerful medium because fear is the basis for almost every decision we make in our lives. Feeding off that and playing into it only seems natural to me.

What other genre do you enjoy?

Science Fiction, Bizarro/Surreal, Speculative

Do you enjoy scaring people? 

I do, as a kid in a small town we didn’t have a lot to do, so we made our own fun. Often that consisted of sneaking out at night and tying objects (usually a purse) to fishing line and setting it in the road.  It wasn’t long before someone would stop to investigate, at which point we’d pull it away. There are few things as great as watching someone jump out of their skin.

What is your darkest fear?

Loss of self or to say it another way loss of free will.

What are your writing goals?

To be a recognized and regularly published author, if not in the mainstream then within the genre.
   Do you have a novel on the go? Short Story?

 I have the makings of a novel and many many short stories that are working on me, or rather, that I’m working on.

You can read Once Seen in the Masters of Horror Anthology, out April  2010.

Interview with Jason Warden
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