Week 4 Blog of SoCNoC Month at KiwiWriters

There are only 7 (or 8 ) days to go until you are finished.  Now is time for a reality check.  Have you been consistently writing over the last 23 days, or hitting it spasmodically when the desire hits you.  How many words have you got to go, are you going to achieve your goal?

Setting realistic goals is a biggie for me this year, I have a year plan written out regarding my writing.  I know what I want to accomplish and have broken it down into small achievable goals, which I have been consistently hitting each month.  So have you achieved your goal this month?  Some may have already finished and hit the 50k mark, don’t let them put you off.  This isn’t a race, it is a chance to put pen to paper (keys to paper or fingers to keyboard, depending on your preference) and work on that novel that has been bubbling away inside for ages.

With 7 days to go, are you going to finish your goal?  Are you going to have a finished product at the end of the month?  Or another half finished novel that will be put on the back burner?  Don’t get discouraged.  Keep writing, you don’t have to finish on 30th June, if you are still writing, keep writing.  Set aside a little time each day to get that novel finished!

Just One Week to Go
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