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OK, after the enthusiasm and planning of the first week, I am well and truly into the swing of writing, and hope to hell that things are making sense.  Remember, at this stage of the game, you are writing NOT editing your story, so if you are having problems, just keep writing.

Last year, I wrote an epic story about a king who lost his kingdom, but found a girl, lost the girl, gained his kingdom back, gave up his kingdom to chase the girl, got the girl, got the kingdom back.  Half way through, there was a war, and I got lost.  The story really didn’t seem to be getting anywhere, and this is where I am grateful that I had a roadmap.

Instead of freaking out about how I was going to work this war, I dropped it and went onto the next scene, and worked from there, going back to my roadmap for guidance.  It worked.  I haven’t had a chance to edit that story yet, but I have fresh eyes and will be able to blend the war back in better than I was able to last year, and I only lost a day over it.

So if you get stuck, what should you do.

First, is there anything you can do?  If not, just move onto the next scene.  You can fix it when you edit.

Second, if you can do something, then keep writing, even if it is nonsense.  That is where the editing comes in.

Thirdly, don’t feel you have to edit, it isn’t worth it and it takes away from your writing time.

Good luck with the writing.

Losing the Way
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