A writer friend found me a submission place for Medusa’s Garden… except it is a romance site, and Medusa’s Garden has little romance, and the story is far from romantic.  So the girls organised a get together to discuss how I might be able to change the story.

Lets just say, I have written a story that I am happy with, but to make it a romance, it will require a lot of work – even though they say the backbone is there.  If I remove half of what they have suggested, then I will be doing some serious rewriting, something that I am finding rather daunting at the moment.

The rewrites involves Medusa and Perseus getting it on, and staying together in the end… and that is part of my problem, because we all know Medusa dies at the end and that Perseus marries Andromeda.  They have made some useful suggestions on how to make Medusa “die” and I can do that, but I can”t reconcile Perseus and Medusa marrying… unless I make Medusa into Andromeda – and how does that happen?  See my dilemma?

I have been working through this all weekend, and while I know that people like poetic license when it comes to retelling the tales, I originally wanted the story to reflect the human aspect of Medusa, her pain and betrayal.

Now, I have to turn Medusa into Andromeda – which will work, I think – and also make Athena, goddess of wisdom and womanly virtues into a jealous goddess.

Why am I struggling to take a simple story and rip it apart?  I guess because it took me a while to research and write the story, and then to have it basically turned on its head, at a time when I don’t feel very confident with my writing.

I have until 31st July to do this rewrite, so I have a bit of time.  But I have made a decision.  If it isn’t accepted as a romance, it is going back to the way it is, and I will eventually find a home for it, as I intended the story to be –  A story about betrayal of innocence.

Medusa Rewrites
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