Week one of Camp Nano was a real mixed bag.  I have achieved some writing, and while I have had a couple of good days, I have had some sub standard days too, but that is all part of the writing process.

Have learned of a fatal flaw in Scrivener – I had an entire scene (about 900 words) disappear with one swipe of the keyboard, and it is gone, not retreivable – why?  Because after 2 seconds of inactivity, Scrivener auto saves, so the scene, which disappeared, was autosaved as a blank document.  Doh.

Have worked out what went wrong and how to fix it now, so have written some notes in the scene that went missing and started on the next scene.  I can get it written, no problems.  Thankfully, it wasn’t half a book, like the infamous August 2011 incident.

But anyway, today I wanted to introduce you to one of my characters from my story – Curse of the Taniwha.

Rena Collings is my heroine in this story.  She is about 30 years of age and loves the great outdoors, in fact we first meet Rena as she

Beth Allen - NZ Actress - my impression of Rena Collings
Beth Allen – NZ Actress – my impression of Rena Collings

tramps the Travers – Sabine track in the Nelson Lakes National Park.  She works in an office as a secretary / receptionist in a lawyers office, although she has no plans of studying further.  She gets a good wage, so uses it to save up for tramping gear and going on long tramping holidays.

Her best friend is Charna, a fellow secretary / receptionist at the same firm – Travis and Powers Barristers and Solicitors.  Charna is more of a party girl, but understands Rena’s needs for the great outdoors.  While Charna doesn’t play a big part in the story (at this stage), Charna will be there for Rena later on.

Rena doesn’t really have a boyfriend, she became friends with Rob Meyers when visiting at the Lake.  He was quite taken with her as she is an outdoors girl and he liked that about her.  He was the first to find her when she had her accident.  He convinced her to stay with him while she recovers and a relationship kind of developed.  Rena isn’t really interested in a relationship, she is happy in her own skin and happy to be on her own.  But she does like Rob – the fact he is a DoC ranger probably helps.

Rena is her full name, her parents gave her the name because they liked it.  It is a feminine version of Rene the boys name which means “Born again”.

Her favourite colour is red, but she doesn’t like dark colours.  In fact the lighter the colour, the more chance she will wear it.  Her wardrobe is full of bright colours, with only one black skirt and one pair of black slacks.  Even her jeans are bright colours.

She listens to a variety of music, but mostly rock, including Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Genesis, Nikelback, and for the fun of it, The Lonely Island and Lady Gaga.  She actually respects Lady Gaga for her originality and the fact that she isn’t worried about what people think of her.

Rena does have a tendancy to fall for men based on their looks, like Rob – who has a dark brooding handsomeness about him.  If someone isn’t good looking, she really isn’t interested, not that she is shallow.  Far from it, it is just one of the flaws she has, like also taking everyone at face value, which has led to some awkward situations in her past.

So there you go – Rena Colling.  I hope you enjoyed this little insight into her background.  And I am still working on it, so I might feed some other little tidbits as the story continues.

Meeting Rena
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