I’m back home after a holiday in Wellywood (Wellington for those not in NZ).  I had a fabulous time up there, catching up with friends (including the beautiful Leigh K Hunt) and going out to the theatre, having meals out, and discovering the Rimutaka’s.  We live in such a beautiful country.

While I was away, I edited up Running Away, and got it into ebook form.  A friend has checked it out for me on her eReader, and there are a couple of little formatting issues, but other than that, all is looking good for perhaps getting this book out soon.  So keep an eye out for some cover reveals and then the book launch.  If you are on my email list, you will get a copy of the ebook for free, so you better sign up if you want to read this one.

I also managed to finally get the full wrap cover for Shards of Ice, and I have ordered my preview copy of the book.  Once I have given it a check, I can get this printed.  I already had four books sold!  Exciting stuff.

With all of this motivation and stimulation while I was away, I was aware of how lacking I have been at home.  And it is mostly because of guilt.  My ex made me feel guilty about writing, yet, when I was in Wellington I was being encouraged to do it, and my art.  It was so nice to have people around me who want me to follow my dreams, and aren’t going to say anything negative about it.

And now that the school holidays are over, I can finally get myself into a routine of writing, and making notebooks, and try to stop these guilty feelings from taking over.

Also on the home front, I have noticed that I am starting to Binge Eat again.  Its frustrating, and something that I am trying to watch.  I guess because I have a specific weight loss goal in mind, but I’m fluctuating, and not actually losing any weight.  That is frustrating me, and when I am frustrated… you guessed it, I binge eat.  I need to fill my house with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and start snacking on those, and getting out for more exercise, which I have been doing, but can start up again in earnest now that school is back.  I also need to make a plan for when school breaks up for the Summer holidays… because I can’t sit around home all day – not that I do.  I spent most of the last few days pottering around in my vegetable garden, and have built a pea / bean frame out of the metal frames of bunk beds and a tomato frame out of an old slat bed frame. Who said woman can’t do anything!

Anyway, this week, I want to keep pushing forward with editing Curse of the Taniwha. I’ve made a significant change to an earlier scene which ties the whole story together nicely. Why I didn’t think of it earlier, I don’t know, but it just brings all the lose ends together. Love it when that happens.  I also need to find those niggly little formatting errors and re-format Running Away and then I can get the word out.  So if you are interested in helping out with a cover reveal, let me know – because while my email subscribers have seen the cover, no body else has!  And I’m excited to show it off.

So what are your plans for the week?

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