I wrote the title and then thought that everyone would probably think this was another depression post.  Well, it isn’t.  Time for something about writing.

I have made a breakthrough with my writing.  How?  I have finally finished a scene that I have written three times and didn’t like.  I have added about 1200 words, and while it isn’t great, I have written it.  And I really like the last part of that scene.  Yes!

So I can continue on with the editing, before adding more at the end of the story, where I lost most of the ending.

But the editing has been very good.  There are lots of notes I have made about things that need to be fixed, cosmetic things really, like not telling anyone where they are (being a resistance like group) only to announce that they would meet the vigilante at the Port of the City… Ummm, not very clever!

Another problem was my main character, Vyvica, doesn’t really change throughout the story until the very end.  I need to go back through and make her more likeable earlier.  A beta reader told me she didn’t like Vyvica much because she was hard nosed, which is how I wanted her portrayed, but I also need to make her nicer, earlier in the story so I don’t alienate my readers.  On saying that, I also need my Hero to make a life changing decision earlier in the story too (better note that down in the notebook before I forget!)

It is the first time that I have really used a notebook for editing, but it has been really good for noting down those things that really needed to be sorted out and fixed, and because there was so much lost originally, and I still have ideas floating around in my head, editing the story and making notes rather than adding to the editing cuts back on doubling up – if I have already mentioned it further on in the story.

On the romance side of things, the story has more emotional punch thanks to the Emotions Thesaurus.  What an amazing book!  I have it open on my laptop along with the wordprocessing file and can look up emotions and see how they would act / react etc.  Fabulous!

I had one story idea that I wanted to work on, but then a second one cropped up, and then last night, a third story decided to come back to life… I don’t know, feast or famine in this writers mind!  I have enough notebooks for all of them… thank goodness!

Moving on
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