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I have only just realised something – sad and scary as it is.  I don’t want to finish my Cursed Love story.

Why?  Because I have enjoyed it so much, and I don’t want it to end.

I have the same problem with some books I read too.  I have two which remain unfinished, and probably always will be, because I don’t want the story to end.  It is truly a sign of a good book as far as I am concerned – not that I am saying my book is good or anything – but in both cases, I know what happens – they are both historically based books – but I just don’t want to know how the author has chosen to end it.  I want to keep the story alive in my head.  Both stories (Michael Korda’s Immortals and Sharon Penmans The Sunne in Splendour) are beautifully written, they tell the story from a different perspective than what you would expect.

Those aren’t the reasons I don’t want my story to end though.  I have really enjoyed writing it, and the journey that the story took me on.  And the journey that my characters went on too.  I learnt a lot about my characters on the way, and some things that I initially had in my characters backgrounds have changed because of the way the story has unfolded.

The story is rough, lots of was etc in it, but that is OK, a couple of times I have edited through it, I have tightened it up, and currently it stands at 40k – not the 60k I imagined, but I really don’t want to pad it out, I love where the story is at, the flow, pace and the storyline, and padding would only drain the readability of it.

I want to finish my story, and I am pleased that I have had a week off it, because I can write it now with an open mind and finish it richly and the way the story deserves.

During July, I intend to try and finish off Cursed Love and the Silkie story too, because August is The End is Nigh over at KiwiWriters.  I want to get these two stories edited so I can get them out to my critiquers.

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