New Year Novella 2013 2It is nearly half way through the month, and I haven’t even got half way in my novella – but I have started.

I am so pleased with the story idea, it was one that came to me partially as a dream, and with a little help from facebook friends, I came up with a selkie as the main character and Gryphyn for his name.  I won’t go into details on my blog for fear of copyright issues, but it is a romance story with a difference.

I actually managed to plot the story out in a day, which is unusual for me, and I spent a night  running through it in my head, and when I woke up I gave it a few tweaks, and the next thing you know I have started writing it.  3k into 25k story.  If it comes out longer, I am happy with that, but I am not going to stress about the word count too much.

The heroine has already thrown me a couple of curve balls, she is a battered wife, and she can’t read, so I think Gryphyn has his work cut out for him.  Especially as she is still married to her no good lazy husband!

I have really enjoyed coming up with the story idea and writing has been fun.  There are some scenes where I think – that’s dull, but that can be made better or cut in the editing process.

When I have been writing, I have been sinking into the make believe world I have created which draws in elements of the orient, medieval village life and celtic history all in one glorious story.  That is what I love about world building, you aren’t restricted to any one element.

Well I suppose I should get my fingers off this keyboard and onto my other one.  check out my progress at Catherine Mede facebook page.

New Year Novella 2013
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