I have been enjoying this week a lot – my writing of this Gothic novel has taken a turn and I can feel it starting to come together.  I said before that the period and setting lends itself to Gothic novel, and it just seems to be going together like a hand into a sensually smooth satin glove.  Of course there are no gloves in my story, but I am enjoying it none the less.

NPI – was a little patchy this week, but overall, I have actually achieved a lot, the numbers will speak for themselves!

Monday 18th October – 457

Tuesday 19th October – 1026

Wednesday 20th October – 516

Thursday 21st October – Nil

Friday 22 October – 1210

Saturday 23 October – 1274

Sunday 24th October 1096.

All up, I have written 16147 words, which is 32% complete.  I realise I did set a goal for 50k for the month, but I am also a realistic person and while I am disappointed I didn’t manage to stick to my goal, I am still working towards completing it, and completing it is the main priority!  I am about a quarter of the way through the story, so it is going to be well over50k by the time I have finished it.  I have already added two scenes that were unplanned, but that was the nature of the story once I started to write on that particular day – it is just playing so nicely!

So here is to another successful writing week – long may they continue!

NPI and Writing Gothic
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