As I get prepared for SoCNoC, I feel that I am the most prepared I have ever been, and that is simply because I have been researching.

Not indepth or anything, just little things, like how to track cellphones on GPS, what the Maori name for the twisted greenstone pendant and the Clean Slate Legislative Act.

Sometimes it is these little simple bits of research that could make or break a story.  I wanted the story to have authentic information, not movie magic, or mystical ways of obtaining information over the internet.  I wanted to make it realistic as possible – and it is incredibly simple to track a cellphone – worryingly simple!

But this research is also part of a greater plan – world building, which we(RWNZ Nelson) learnt from Nalini Singh is about creating an authentic, realistic and believable place for your characters to live, act and breath in, and have the reader wanting more – hence the above links.  Because it is strangely easy to achieve.

My planning document for Cursed Love currently stands at 15 pages.  A remarkable accomplishment considering I haven’t finished planning the story – but I do have character sheets for my main characters and one of my secondary characters.  I also have information on each characters background that I deemed necessary.  Most of this information won’t make it into the story, but it is there for me to refer back to.

I have to admit, I have had fun with this,  such simple things have come to life, brainstorming has answered some problems.  Lying in bed, trying to drift off at night has also given my brain a chance to mull things over and make some decisions.  My characters are indepth and have personalities, my settings are realistic, the circumstances of the story all mesh together.  It is amazing how the muse can come up with ideas that initially I would dismiss, but on further investigation, it seems more viable.  My Hero was supposed to be a player, but he decided he wanted to be a widower with a kid.  It works in extremely well for the story, better than I hoped as it turned out.

So, roll on 1st June – can’t wait to get things up and running  🙂

Researching Simple Things
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