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There have been some changes going on in my writing life – changes that I am nearly ready to start with… Nearly.

I am nervous, because it is romance writing, and it isn’t something I am really that crash hot on, but after reading some really interesting information from Net Places about writing a romance novel (they also have lots of info on writing a novel and creative writing too!)  I found this site very interesting and informative and I am almost ready… almost.

But I am procrastinating.  I guess because I will be writing a story from scratch – unlike Medusa which was reworking a story I had.  While it was a rewrite and I added almost 30k, it isn’t the same as starting a story from the beginning, filling in the middle, having a satisfactory ending, while also making everything come together romance-wise.

I have the storyline, a plot, couple of subplots, bits and pieces of the middle, a kind of ending, but for some reason I am resisting writing.  And I think it is the nervousness of writing something.  Even though I know that it won’t be bad, it just makes me extremely nervous.  I guess, I won’t know how it will go until I get down and dirty with my laptop (excuse the pun).

I also like having a timeframe to write in, that’s why I love SoCNoC and I am considering writing during Nano – except November is Exam month traditionally in NZ, so I won’t be able to write through some of it, because I will be reader / writer, possibly for more than one teen.

But I digress.  I guess, I could just challenge myself.  Set my own deadline and write to it.  I suppose I could… eventually.

Romance Writing Here I come! (When I am ready?)
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