pikuroaWhoops, I am a day behind myself because it is Queens Birthday Weekend.  I keep thinking that tomorrow is Monday, but then I have tomorrow off and start work on Wednesday, so goodness what day I will think it is then!

But anyway, work is progressing on Cursed Love.  I have the first 6 chapters done (as of now) and working towards getting the rest done.  I managed to achieve 6K in a Day with 6207 words on Sunday, thanks to my beloved taking the boys away for the afternoon.

Monday wasn’t much of a writing day because my beloved had to get a letter written up and guess who does that for me – yip, me.  It doesn’t worry me too much, because I did three days work on Sunday – but I have managed to get some words down, up to the curse part now.

I am loving where the story is going, and I am so excited about writing it.  I can’t believe how easily it is flowing from me.  It is coming together nicely, with some suggestions from my Mum, Melissa Pearl and Trish Peers-Adams.  I love brainstorming, it really brings the ideas together, and with the Goals Motivation and Conflict sorted out for my characters, and all the details of the characters put together, I have three very complex characters, whom I am pleased to call my own.  They are all flawed, and even my villian has a reason for his flaw – and it could almost be considered a love triangle.  I did say almost!  Depends on how readers like it.

So, I guess, rather than drivel on some more, I best go and put my keyboard skills to good use and do some more writing  🙂

SoCNoC 2013 – Day 3
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