Avatar CatherineI have been writing now, steadily for over a year.  Before that, it was spasmodic to say the least.  Most of what I have written has not fallen within the realm of mainstream genre.  As I have said before, I use writing as escapism, it is a chance for me to get out of the mundane life.  As a result, writing has opened up a whole new world of excitement.  I can’t wait every morning to get up and start typing.  Which is all well and good if I have a new project on the go.  Otherwise I am editing, which is something I would happily forgo.  I am not generally known as a finisher, but for once in my life, I am determined to get something completed.  I am currently editing my first book, a fantasy trilogy, to as close to a perfect state before moving onto my next project (unfortunately that too is editing a novel I finished this year…)

But that doesn’t really tell you what Speculative Fiction means to me – other than my motivation for getting out of bed most mornings… which makes me sound extremely sad individual who has to escape to another world in order to cope with life.  If that is what you think of me, fine.  You are entitled to your opinion.  Those who know me, know me well, those who don’t can go to hell!

Writing Speculative Fiction gives me an opportunity to explore other worlds, other cultures, magic and how it works.  Writing also gives me the ability to break down any unresolved conflict I have had in my life.  It has been useful for helping me to see where I have gone wrong, or to even explain someone elses behaviour and explain dysfunctional relationships.

Speculative Fiction gives me a chance to be descriptive, I love wordy descriptive pieces that explain the smell of the dew on the grass, the coolness of the forest floor, the light of the sunrise on a coastal beach, the colours, the sights, the sounds, the smell, the taste, the looks, everything there is to know about somewhere that has been untouched by human.

I have notebooks full of ideas, including a NZ steampunk novel, a vampyre novel, and a whole new type of creature of my own invention… watch this space.

OK, now I am starting to ramble, but I think you are starting to appreciate the passion that I have for my craft.  I am a writer, of Speculative Fiction, and one day I want to be published in NZ and have a large NZ (and possibly overseas) readership.

The first step?  Blogging about my passion.

Speculative Fiction – What does it mean to me?
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