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Tomorrow is the start of the A to Z Challenge – the first one I have ever participated in.   I chose to do Shards of Ice because I would like to launch it at the end of April early May, so at least, having this is an awesome way to introduce you to some of the characters and the themes or places in the story.

I don’t want to give too much of the story away, but at least through this, I can give some of the back story that I wasn’t able to include in the story, so at least if you read this, you will have a better understanding of some of the characters, and I might – just might, have a give away at the end of the month for a couple of ebooks for those who can answer some questions, so keep an eye out for that.

Shards of Ice was a story I first wrote in 2011 and was initially called Ice Planet.  I loved the story and was so pleased and proud to have finished in within SoCNoC and earned the badge to say I’d completed.  Unfortunately, two months later, my laptop crashed, and I discovered that I hadn’t backed up the story… hence I lost over 70% of the original story.  I was absolutely heartbroken, and I blogged about it too.

It took me a while to get up the confidence to rewrite it, but I did it, and got it finished in 2013.  I have edited it a couple of times since then, but when I published Cursed Love, I knew that the second book to be published would be Ice Planet.  While discussing with my friend T G Ayer, she suggested calling it Shards of Ice, as I didn’t like Ice Planet for a name – it didn’t really fit a Science Fiction Romance.  So I have my lovely friend to credit that for.

I edited it while away on holiday in Napier over the last Christmas holidays and sent it through to my editor, but there were still too many problems with the story.  I love the fact that my editor is fast to point these out to me and lets me fix them.  She could just edit it and leave them, and hence make readers confused.

So I have edited it again, and then sent to my critique partner, the lovely Deryn Pitar for her thoughts and comments.  I love that she is always telling me the good parts as well as those that need work.  Its nice to hear when you do something right.

Hopefully during April, I will also have the cover to reveal to you, so you have to be watching  🙂

So here we are, keep reading tomorrow for the start of the Challenge – with Althu, the Crown City of Eldora.

The A to Z Challenge – Shards of Ice
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