Well, the end is nigh, for one project at least.  The End is Nigh is a challenge over at KiwiWriters, it involves finishing off a project that needs to be completed – i.e. editing, rewriting, just finishing a story.

I chose three projects, it was initially two, but the third one popped up at the last minute.  Just to finish one would be good.

My projects are:

1.  Finish and edit The Gamble

2. Edit Cursed Love

3. Finish Plan for Steampunk story.


So, this week, I printed out The Gamble and this is the project I have been working on.  I thought if I do one at a time, I am not going to get too wrapped up in trying to do all three at the same time, and as much as I can’t wait to rip into Cursed Love, I want to leave it a little longer.

I have my lovely pink pen out and working away studiously, and I came across a scene that seemed a little flat.  I reread it, and edited a little before coming to bed.

It wasn’t until the following morning that I realised what the problem was.  The scene involves an incident that is traumatic to the heroine, and it is supposed to be from her point of view, unfortunately, it reads more like it is from the hero’s point of view.  I’m pleased I have picked this up, because the scene was troubling me, and I didn’t want to remove it, because it is part of the reason why the heroine reacts to certain things the way she does.  She also needs to see the hero isn’t the bad guy.

There are a couple of scenes like that in this story, so now I understand why I can go back in and make the necessary corrections – if I can.  I need to get inside my heroines head more to understand why she is reacting the way she is.

All in all, I am happy with the way things are progressing, most of my editing is being done at night, because I am also doing research during the day about 1860’s Nelson, to start my Steampunk story.  I am keen to write this during September, I just need to get my planning finished.  If I actually do get the story done, then I will have to find another project for NaNo, but that won’t be too hard, a story idea came to me yesterday morning as I was making my cup of tea!  Its a more contemporary romance, but I think I can put in a paranormal twist… here’s hoping!

The End is Nigh – Project 1
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