The Novel Push Iniative may be over, but my writing is not.  I am happy to announce, that as of half an hour ago, my story was at 29276 words, and showing no signs of stopping!  Yaye!

Monday 1 November – 739 words

Tuesday 2 November – 574 words

Wednesday 3 November – 593 words

Thursday 4 November – 1278 words

Friday 5 November – zip

Saturday 6 November – 974

Sunday 7 November – 771 words.

I have decided that instead of writing at night in bed, I am going to set aside an hour every day to do writing while I am up and moving around.  I was listening to Labyrinth soundtrack today while writing, and the music was suitably moody for the writing, so I think me and David Bowie will have a date, once a day for an hour so that I can get on top of this story and get it finished this month.  The plan was to edit it during December, but I guess January will be the edit month now.

I am liking the story and the flow that it has, I have just found that I have skipped a scene, unintentionally, but that doesn’t matter, the story will still come out around 60k I guess, which is a good size for the story.  I like the characters, and even wrote in a new one, because I wanted to show a human side to the King’s agents who were considered as the devil back in the day because Henry VIII wielded so much power and authority, that people were scared to act against him.

If anyone knows of any good quotes from Henry VIII, or websites that provide quotes please let me know, I would like to start each chapter with either a part of the law or a direct quote from the man about the abolishment of the Catholic Church.


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