Third Week of the SoCNoC month – KiwiWriters website

This is the middle of it, how is your writing going?  Having problems finding words?  Have a word war.

What is a word war?  It is when you go into a chat room, with several of your friends, set a time limit and write.  Whoever has the most words, wins.  I took part in several of these last year, the great thing is, this year, with the new site, we have a chat facility right here at KiwiWriters, so have one here in our very own chat room.

When writing in a mass group effort like this, having someone else to talk to about your experiences is invaluable.  Some have unsupportive partners, here you can feel encouraged and supported by those who know exactly what you are talking about.

Take the opportunity to introduce yourself.  Share your experiences, having a problem?  Talk about it, it is amazing just how quickly things can be resolved when you have several of you talking about something – an idea might be triggered, a thought might be generated that gets you back on the right track again.  I can highly recommend taking the time to share with your fellow writers, it can only make you a stronger writer.

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