Shards of Ice is a Science Fiction piece about the head of the King’s Bodyguards and a Vigilante, and how they both have secrets that they can’t share.

W A2Z ChallengeThe weather on Eldora is pretty predicable – cold.  Snow blizzards are frequent occurrences, however they don’t last long.  They are a nuisance though if you are flying to the next city, as they can appear out of nowhere and prove to be hazardous, causing whiteout conditions.  The snow itself isn’t dangerous, but being buried under tons of snow can crush the hull of a flimsy pod.

The top layer of the planet is covered in permafrost.  Some areas are thicker than others.  Depending on the time of the Cycle, also depends on how thick the ice is in certain places on the surface.

When the weather is fine, the sun shines brightly across the large white plains, but it is small and doesn’t heat the planet enough to sustain long term life on the planet surface.

Tomorrow we look at X… find out what its for tomorrow.

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