Okay, so I wrote two stories, one about Only take on board which is yours and Laughing will lighten the darkest day.  I actually got them finished too, but then I realised that I haven’t written them how I originally intended, for them to be complete stories on their own.  But that’s OK, I have a basis on which to base a short story.  I have started reworking my first story – Love is everchanging – into a piece where we see Margaret and George discuss the decline in their marriage, which is actually quite nice.

I have also found that these stories are therapeutic – I have had some of these issues, and to write about them makes me either understand the issue better or have a better understanding of what I was thinking during that issue.  All in all, I like where this set of stories is going, if only I can get my head around writing them as short stories and stop telling the story!

This week will be a challenge as it is the school holidays and I have oldest son here too, and it sounds like middle son is coming out at some stage, which is OK, but we really don’t get along, and three kids in the house, just isn’t going to work!  I might have to say no Playstation out here, otherwise they will shut themselves in their room all day, which isn’t a bad thing, but the weather has been nice and I want them outside making the most of the sunshine while they can!  Oh well, that is one battle I will have to cope with when I get to it…

Weekly Review – Themes

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