Oh my goodness.  It has been a month and a half – well actually probably a bit longer than that, but it has been a really interesting time.

My Mental goals are:

To expand my artistic abilities,

to expand my writing abilities

to learn more about alarm testing and electricity

So, my art is going well, have been doing a lot of lino cuts this term at school and I am loving it.  I think my board will be printing again this year.  Just need to work out where it will go, but definitely coming together.  Unfortunately, my lovely art teacher has found another job, and is leaving soon 🙁 and I am not looking forward to it.  She has been very influential in my artwork – giving me great ideas, inspiration and providing me with pictures of NZ artists showcasing their landscape artwork.  I really like Diana Adams work – and I luckily have a journ them.  Some of the work I have done this term are:

20160505_13275120160505_132741 20160602_12584820160601_08373820160512_114706



I’ve also been doing woodwork at school, with the intention of building a standing desk out of old pallets.  The concept is coming together, and I have got some pallets, but will happily accept more if you are offering 🙂




As for writing – well, I have just spent 3 glorious days hanging out with my writing buddies in Wellington while attending Au Contraire 3.  I had such an amazing time, networking (at least attempting to – not easy when you’re such a bloody introvert!), hanging out with friends and meeting new people.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and the few panels that I did attend.

FB_IMG_1465245371752[1] These beautiful ladies are from left:

Lee Murray, Cassie Hart, me, Leigh K Hunt and T G AyerFB_IMG_1465245388619[1]Left to Right T G Ayer, Z R Southcombe and me

I haven’t had much work, mostly because the installation guys have been quiet, so not much testing, although I understand that work is coming up.  I probably need to chase them up and sort that out, but since its winter, I’m quite happy to just hibernate!

Anyway, next week is the spiritual update.  Until then, have a good week.




Wellbeing – Mental Update
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