I have read a couple of stories lately about were’s – and they were love stories.  Hard to escape Romance and Were’s… yeah right.

Anyway, the second story wasn’t about a werewolf – it was a were-panther, and I remember critiquing a novel for a guy years ago and he wrote about a were-creature too.

The most interesting part is how they get around the fact that when they change from animal to human, they have no clothes on.  One author had that the were removes their clothes, ties the pants to their back leg with a leather thong, and that way always has a change of clothes when they change back.  The romance book had that the were was magic and could “magic clothes” onto its body.  The third story, the were creature would go and change into the desert, take off its clothes, change, run around and expend some of the were energy, then come back and change back into its clothes again.

I don’t know about you… but those all sound a little clumsy.  I realise that  a were changes its physical shape, and therefore the clothes would be ripped to shreds when it morphed to its animal state, but carrying clothes, or “magicking” them on sounds a little… too out there for me.

Can anyone else thing of a plausible way for a were to clothe itself?  My suggestion would be that the animal human relationship is close, so they wear more “fur” type of clothing, and when they change, the clothing morphs into their coat… just a suggestion.

What do you think?

“Were” on Earth…?
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