I was out mowing the lawns last week.  It is a regular job now that Summer is fast approaching.  But it is doing chores like this that I let my mind wander and I tend to find that the sticky plot point can be ironed out while I am mowing the lawns, or driving the car etc.

Then I had an odd thought, and it was odd.  What would the neighbours think if they could see what I was thinking.  And that made me laugh!  If everyone could see each others thoughts, what an interesting world we would live in.  I would know what my husband was thinking rather than getting the usual response – “ahhh, nothing?”

So what would the neighbours be thinking?

“Look, her husband makes her mow the lawns, what a great husband, wish my wife would mow our lawns!”

“That good for nothing husband, makes her  do all the chores around that house!”

“That looks like great exercise!”

“Damn it, our lawns need a mow too!”

“Wonder what she would look like in a bikini?”

“Its 10am on a Sunday morning!  Where has the peace gone??!”

“What the f….  Shut the f…. up!”


It is fun to speculate, but I guess they are probably all tied up in their own lives to worry about me mowing our lawns.  Still, I think they would be surprised to see what I was thinking.

“Now, if Tobias was to do this, would Arabella react in this way?  Or would be over-react and totally lose the plot?  Or would Tobias lose the plot at her over-reaction?  Or perhaps instead of that happening, this could happen… then Alexander would react this way, Arabella would react that way and things would work out like this.  But hang on, if Alexander does that, he will take Brother Michael with him, this will happen and it will affect Arabella this way and Tobias that way – oh hell!  Run out of lawns!”

What would the neighbours think???
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One thought on “What would the neighbours think???

  • November 7, 2010 at 8:13 am

    Perhaps the only time that you’re disappointed to finish a chore is when it interrupts your story musings. I think this is the writer equivalent of being so involved in reading a book you contemplate missing your stop on the train just to keep reading!


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