It has been an exciting week for me, I have been writing, attended a Romance Writers meeting and brainstormed with Melissa Pearl.  It is nice to have so much creativity around me at the moment because life seems hectic.

Tom HardyI discovered Tom Hardy quite by accident, having watched This Means War.  I know, I am a bit behind the 8 ball, but no more.  I looked at him, and I saw the hero in my Cursed Love story.  I can imagine him in a business suit, no nonsense business man, in jeans and t-shirt as a charming and flirty man.  Yip, I have a new muse.

LaVerne Clark really is at fault for prompting this more by showing me her Pinterest page, full of hunks, including Tom Hardy.   Hmmm, definitely need to raid her Pinterest page!

On Saturday, a quiet day at home on my own, I was chatting with Melissa about issues I was having with Cursed Love and trying to make some aspects come to life.  Within 10 minutes we had enough ideas for me to really get excited.

And while driving yesterday, I came up with some conflicts that would really make the story move, and a possible “black moment”.  Fingers crossed I can work it into my plot.

What was really inspiring, is getting together with the Nelson group of Romance Writing New Zealand Group.  It is fantastic to be able to share your experiences with writing and know that someone else in the group knows what you are going through.  We all of the common interest on writing and romance, so we are able to really help each other with our writing experiences.

So this week, once I have completed two articles for a new website, I intend to get some character goals set up for Cursed Love, and work towards getting a plot together, and also continue working on the Erotica, which is fast becoming a fast paced romance!  I don’t mind, it is fun writing it and I am enjoying the feistiness of the characters.

What plans do you have for the week?

When the Muse Strikes
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  • April 19, 2013 at 12:11 am

    Woot!! What a mighty-fine picture you have there, Karen. I will enjoy visualising the beautiful, Tom Hardy when I read Cursed Love. And you’re welcome to raid my Pinterest page anytime! 🙂


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