From when I was young, I used to love to escape reality.  I used to do it through reading books, and one year in college I kept a reading log.  I read something like 70 books in one year.  Must have needed to escape really bad that year.

Then I discovered writing, and I could escape reality another way.  By creating my own world and learn about the people in it.  My first attempt was an epic fantasty which was a novella and now a large story.  I fell in love with my characters, the twins Delonia and Gallandra who were both strong and independent women, Tycelon the leader and a strong male influence, yet sensitive to the needs of his tribe, often putting them before himself.  I also liked the bad guy of the piece, Sephron, especially after I went into his background.

Creating my own worlds and exploring it became a passion.  Even in short stories I would find an outlandish idea and go with it, sometimes it didn’t make sense to anyone else but me, but that is OK.

My next story was Medusa and the Greek mythology.  I enjoyed learning about the Greek gods and their role in the lives of everyday people.  I felt an empathy with Medusa and found her to be a misunderstood person, and that is how I portrayed her in the story I wrote.

I also had a go at a Gothic Novel, involving the dissolution of the churches in 1535 – the story involved a monk who falls in love with a girl, who is already married.  There are lovely twists and turns in this story that I enjoyed writing.  Unfortunately all of my recent editing on this story was lost, so I have to go back in and work on this one again.  But it is a minor setback compared to the other stories I have written.

My Science Fiction story, the ice planet one, has to be the most exciting one I have written so far.  It was intense and fun to explore a world where there is little colour except in the underground cities.  Creating a world under the ground was fun and had to think of all of the in’s and out’s of ventilation, exploration and how they would cope with life without sunlight.  Even the above ground cities were in an adventure in coping with life in a cold environment.

Living life through my characters, exploring worlds and living out emotions that I would not necessarily go through have been a learning experience, one that I enjoy and will continue to explore for some time yet.

Why I like Writing Speculative Fiction
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