Well, here’s a to do girls… A line from Pride and Prejudice.  One of my favourite lines, and it seems appropriate considering it is a couple of months since I updated my goals, and for those who have followed my blog, you will know why.

My goals were:

1.  Finish the bloody Gothic Novel to first reader status

2. Write three novels this year –

3. Edit three novels

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but when I originally write them, there were a few there.  When my laptop crashed, I lost all of the editing on my Gothic Novel, half of my ice planet story, 3/4 of what I had written on Blood Gold and an entire short story I was working on.  Fortunately Greg and Gillian was up to date, as I had sent that through to a couple of readers.

Anyway, since my depression and the demise of my laptop, which are not connected, but might as well be, I haven’t had any desire to write.  Its not that I am not interested, just my mind is otherwise engaged with trying to get better, and while writing is a good thing for making me feel better, I find my attention span is not that great, and if something doesn’t satisfy me, I am likely to delete it in a fit of frustration, which isn’t what I want to do.

So I am being kind to myself.  While I am disappointed not to written three stories this year, I have 2 which are works in progress, and I have two ideas for new stories, one of which will be started as soon as I feel the desire to write again.  It is a christian story, about a woman who witnesses Jesus but doesn’t understand who he is until he rises from the dead.  A strange story for me to write, but one that I am feeling most compelled to do at the moment, and I have been researching it already.  My other story idea involves teens that have the spirit of the dragon in them… This is another story that I am really keen to get going with.

As for editing, I am gutted about losing all of the edits I had done on the Gothic Novel, but I can start again with that.  Perhaps it was divine intervention??? I can’t say, but I can say that I will be starting on this one again.

So my goals for the rest of the year are to:

1.  Take care of myself and give myself time

2. Start writing “Son of God”

3. Edit the Gothic Novel

That will pretty much take care of the rest of the year for me.  Next year, hopefully I will be able to focus on getting Blood Gold and Ice Planet finished.

Writing Goals for the rest of the Year
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