pikuroaI wrote my first sex scene the other day, and to me, it seemed rather clinical (and no, I don’t intend to share it here.)  I knew that I hadn’t quite got it, but I was too busy trying to get the rest of my story written.  I guess I was trying to put the experience behind me, and move forward.

But last night, my friend Trish made me confront my scene, but swapping scenes with her.  I liked hers.  It was based in medieval times, to it was in a castle and the mood was set beautifully, and the scene was poetic.  And that is when it hit me.  Poetic is the key word.

Trish commented that she liked the scene to start with, but then it got clinical.  When I went back to have a look, I discovered that I had changed point of view part way through and this was where the wheels fell off.  At least it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought.

So what makes a good sex scene?  Romance.  And sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch.  Yes, engaging all of the senses, makes a scene memorable, plus stimulating the mind.  Which I think is the biggest difference between romance and porn.  Porn (and even Erotica) uses slang terms for body parts and is quite abrupt with the terminology.  Romance (and this is where Erotica is different from Porn) is more about the sensations that are caused and felt during the act.

The hardest thing for me, was letting someone else read it, but now that I have, I can easily fix the scene and now I know that I’m not too bad at it (probably not great either) but at least there is room for improvement.

writing continues on the Cursed Love, with words being added in mostly during lunch hours at work, but at least I am working on it.  I am near the end of my story, but it could still take another 10k – 15k, and then I will have to go back through and add some description, more of the senses and more of the lust etc.

Writing Romance? Kinda R18 post
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  • June 17, 2013 at 8:48 am

    Well done for letting someone else read it, and looking at it objectively to find the ways in which you could turn it from clinical to romantic! Great learning 🙂


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