Shards of Ice is a Science Fiction piece about the head of the King’s Bodyguards and a Vigilante, and how they both have secrets that they can’t share.

X A2Z ChallengeThis story is X-Rated – there are some swearing and some sex scenes involved – of course there are, its a romance book!  Actually to rate it more accurately, it would be classed as Sexy or Sizzle in the Romance World.

I wanted the romance between Vyvica and Kelvaras to be full of conflict, and to be honest, I didn’t know if they would actually come together or blow apart.  They are both such volatile characters, both very head strong, but Vyvica likes to show off her strength physically.  Kelvaras likes to be lippy, showing off his skills mentally.  Unfortunately neither of them can resist the pull of the other, although there are moments when you just want to kick either of the characters for things they say and do.  Hopefully there is enough conflict there for everyone to enjoy.  To be honest, I love that Vyvica likes to kick ass!

Tomorrow we meet another minor character, Yan the Bouncer

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X Rated – A to Z Challenge – Shards of Ice
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