I’m a procrastinator of the highest order – the Queen of the Procrastinators if you will, and I thought that this would be a fun thing to look at, because I’m pretty good at coming up with excuses for not writing:

5.  My ex didn’t like me writing, and now and again he turns up, which really throws my world into a spin, and I end up back in the entire ‘I shouldn’t be writing’ cycle.  However, this is lame, because the house is mine now, I have a space specifically for me to create in, so this excuse really doesn’t have a leg to stand on, especially as he no longer lives in the house!

4.  The house needs cleaning… yeah right.  I mean, I vacuum my house twice a week, clean the bathroom and toilet once a week, rinse and stack my dishwasher every morning and night, I do my washing once or twice a week, depending on how smelly our clothes are, and since there is only my son and I living here… there is only so much that can get dirty!

3.  I’ve spent the morning tidying up, and I need an afternoon nap, then it is time for my son to come home… and nothing gets written – another day has passed me by without one word on the computer.   Then of course there is the art and the woodwork days at school… any excuse to explain why I haven’t written.

2. With all the stress going on, I tend to be more creative art-wise… and since my creative part is being activated, my brain doesn’t see the need for me to be more creative and write!  I really enjoy being creative and I have an emotional journal that I am doing art in – to help me express some of my emotions, and this has been really interesting.  Some of the pictures aren’t what you would expect an emotion to look like, and that is because sometimes it is an abstract version – I understand the picture.

1.  Because I just don’t feel like it!




My Top Five… Excuses for Not Writing
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