Again, its been a while, so why not bring back an old favourite.  Today, I thought I’d share my top five favorite actresses.  It was pretty hard to pick my top one, but I think it will be fairly obvious for those that know me.  If you don’t – read on!

No 5 – Scarlett JohansenScarlett Johansen

This actress – wow, she is hot – smoking hot.  She is adaptable, dependable and art house, comedic, action actress – in fact she can pretty much do any movie she wants.  What do I like about her?  Shes fairly down to earth and prefers to keep out of the spotlight when not making a movie.

No 4 – Emma Watson

Emma WatsonA natural beauty, and smart with it.  She didn’t just fall back on her fame as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter movies.  No, this woman went to university and studied.  She has brains as well as the looks, and from a gorky looking 10 year old, to a stunningly beautiful woman we have watched her grow up in the Harry Potter movies.  I like the fact that she’s smart and sassy – once complaining that boys were too afraid to ask her out because of her fame!

No 3 – Jennifer Anniston

Since her days as Rachel in Friends, I have loved her look.  Her hair!  Remember theJennifer Aniston Rachel haircut!  She went on to become a movie star in her own right, and a producer as well, co-owning a production company with Brad Pitt at one stage (don’t get me started on him!).  I like Jennifer because she’s an awesome, versatile actress, and has amazing comedic timing.  I love her comedies, because she does them so well.

No 2 – Drew Barrymore

Drew BarrymoreThis beautiful woman has matured as she aged – like a fine wine.  From her wild child days (an addict at 9 years of age?! What were her parents thinking!), to her marriages and two children, this woman is true to herself.  She is down to earth and friendly and again a very versatile actress having played in horrors to comedies and action movies.  I like Drew because she has fought hard to make her way from addiction to a strong independent business woman.

No 1 – Marilyn Monroe

Yes, Ms Monroe – Norma Jeane Baker the 1960’s blond bombshell, an iconic star.  Marilyn MonroeHer life was tragically cut short, whether by deliberate actions or accidental means, it is unclear.  But this woman was very clever – very intelligent, yet she got the dumb blond roles to play – and when she got some gritty roles, she wasn’t taken seriously.  What I like most about Marilyn was the fact that I can relate to her.  She spent her life searching for the one true love, and often spent a lot of time alone, full of loneliness and insecurities.  Yet she wore that beautiful smile as her mask, and no one really knew just how troubled she was.

There you go, but this list is by no means comprehensive, as Jennifer Lawrence, Rachael McAdams, Keira Knightly and Anna Kendrick would also feature – and would all perhaps come in at 5 equal, but it wasn’t my top 10, so we’ll make do with 5.

My Top Five – Movie Actresses

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