December is upon us, another month has gone, another one closer to 2014.  Where did 2013 go???

My goals for the year were:

1.  Complete Ice Planet  – this now needs to be critiqued

2.  New Year Novella – The Gamble – 10000 (and growing) – edited, just needs more work

3. Evil Editors Unite –  I actually edited the Ice Planet

4. NZ Book Month, I got about 20 writers in the end – next year, there will be 31!

5.  SoCNoC – Cursed Love – written, edited and currently being critiqued.

6. the End is Nigh – I originally intended to edit the Ice Planet, but instead I edited The Gamble / Cursed Love and plotted out another story – Who’s That Girl

7.  Write Who’s that Girl in September (goal 25 – 35k) – I wrote this!  Currently being edited

8. Write 50k novel during NaNoWriMo in November. – started to write the Huntress, but decided that it needed more work first.

So as of now, I have written three novella’s this year, edited three stories.  I just put out a call for critique partners and found two wonderful people who I am quite keen to get started with.  It is all very exciting.

The Huntress story isn’t going to fade into the distance, I just need to work out the details of it, because I want it to be a trilogy, but each part needs to be stand alone.  The overall theme needs to be worked out, plus the theme for each story, and then plot each story.

This year has been exciting for me, because I have finally felt the desire and passion to write again.  Hopefully this means that next year will be a year of publishing for me  🙂

Another Month Passes
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  • December 2, 2013 at 10:40 am

    You’ve done so well this year 🙂


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