I have found lately that I have been focusing on my main male character a bit.  And that isn’t a bad thing.

The last book started to veer away from his perspective and I was struggling to keep him as the focus of the story, but since editing I have found that with the mixed points of view, I could easily make it his point of view and keep it throughout that scene.  As a result, a main character has managed to stay consistent throughout the story.

I was concerned though that there had not been any changes in my main character from the start to the end.  How was I going to remedy this?  I had him as a strong confident leader at the start of the story (well I did, a couple of my readers begged to differ), and to me he was strong and confident at the end, but the whole idea of the story is to have the main character experience some change.

As this last novel has progressed, I realised that he had changed.  He has gone from a confident alpha male, to an under-confident beta male… whoops, that wasn’t supposed to happen.  I want him to stay strong, remain focused.  He does get a bit mixed up in the middle about his relationship with the lead female (which isn’t hard when he is travelling with her identical twin sister), but then I realised that I haven’t done this very well either.  So there are two changes I need to make to bring my main character to a stronger position. 

So I really need to take some time and really dissect my main character and work out who he is and what I want him to be and work backwards from there.

My writing aim this week, is to finish two chapters again.  I did three last week, but I am shattered this week, so won’t over extend myself and make myself more stressed than I already am!



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  • December 1, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    yes, stress bad. Great that you’ve been thinking about Tycelon, hope you come up with some good solutions from your thinking


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