C Mead final logoHi peeps, still building my platform here, but we are getting through it.  Lots of useful information, and at the end, I’ll do a recap of those that I found most useful.

Today we are covering, Repurposing older content, brainstorming, reviewing peer work, partner up and tracking your links through Bit.ly.com.

No 73 – Repurposing older content – Create a youtube video or slideshare presentation from evergreen, pillar of how-to articles.  Write new articles from different angles – linking back to the previous article, or compile older articles into an eBook.  There are some great suggestions there, but most of my original posts have been ramblings about depression, my writing and the like.  I have a new blog series that I will be working on, which looks at my writing process and styles, that might help others to find their own way.  But that is a blog for another day.  At this stage, I really don’t believe that I have any older posts that are worth rehashing.

No 74 – Brainstorm – Alone or with a group, brainstorm regularly so that no good ideas go to waste.  This has to be my all time favourite things to do, and sometimes I do it with friends who aren’t writers!  Melissa Pearl, T G Ayer and Cassie Hart have all brainstormed with me, helping me to clarify some ideas, putting forth ideas that could be followed on from.  Romance Writers groups are also a great place to do brainstorming on a larger capacity.  I love being able to share ideas, or simple push an idea that little bit further, provide some fresh insight for another person to get their idea going.  In fact – I might need to start a brainstorming partnership with a few people, so we can work together towards an anthology… interesting thought.

No 75 – Review the work of your peers.  Reviewing other authors books will help you to build up relationships and even create a new partnership.  I review for a lot of other authors – my reviews (for my real identity) are on Goodreads – but I am kind of spoilt in that my Kindle Fire automatically asks me to review books I’ve just finished reading, then posts on Goodreads and Amazon.  This is a great opportunity to connect with other writers, and was how I got to know Ella James and J A Huss well enough to get ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copies) of their books.  Well worthwhile following up on this.

No 76 – Partner Up.  Look for ways to combine your talents and skills of other authors, editors, bloggers, industry experts, even artists like visual arts and music would really work well together.  Imagine the potential of a soundtrack written specifically for your book (just throwing that idea out there…)

I am a proofreader, I love proofreading.  In fact everything I read now, I can pick up at least one mistake – pretty hard not to.  But proofreading isn’t something that indie authors want to pay for – its hard to get paid work as a proofreader.  But if I teamed up with an editor, cover artist and a formatter, we would have a complete business opportunity package to offer someone – for a set price, they could have their book edited, proofread, cover designed and formatted all ready for publication.  If anyone is interested, email me – catherine at catherinemede dot com.

No 77 – Track your links through Bit.ly.com.  Shorten your links and save space when tweeting, track how many people click on your link so you can promote the content your audience find most appealing.  This hadn’t even occurred to me.  I knew I could shorten links (and I do because the link on Amazon is ridiculously long for putting onto facebook or twitter, but I didn’t know you could track the clicks too.  This is something I need to look into further.

We are on the downward slippery slide to number 101 now.  Next time, Finding a reading opportunity, Tweaking your website, Webinars, Tie your book to a charity and top  200 blogs


Creating an Author Platform #18

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