Avatar CatherineI have been reading a lot of e-fiction lately, mostly because I am part of the e-fiction book club, and I have to admit that I really struggle with sitting at my computer and reading.  I don’t have an iPod, or a reading device, or a laptop for that matter, so it makes it quite hard for me to sit and read something on a screen, and some sites really don’t help matter with tiny white print on a black background.  One site I queried about this actually put a function in so that you could increase the size of the font, which was much better!  Having to focus on the screen for an in-depth period of time is not good for my eyes (and I desperately need new glasses!).

But I wonder whether e-fiction is the way to go?  Do people read more e-fiction than books?  Don’t they prefer the good old fashion print and paper?  Or is printed literature going to become a thing of the past?  I certainly hope not!  I like to curl up in bed with a good book on a cold winters night, or tucked up on a sunny windowsill reading my favourites.  In order to do that, I have to purchase (or beg or borrow) books so that I am comfortable enough to settle down and read.  Sitting with a laptop on my lap in bed does not allow me to cocoon myself under the covers on a cold winters night.  There is no satisfaction of seeing how far I have to read in terms on the number of pages left at the end of the book (the slide bar on a computer just doesn’t have the same sense of accomplishment for me!)

I don’t have anything against reading on the computer, but I can get intimate with a book, I don’t see that happening with a laptop, or a reading device.  Actually holding a heavy book and having the satisfaction of knowing that I read it, that is something that a computer can never achieve.  Print out the story I hear you say…  You pay for ink costs and I will print it out… remember gold is less expensive than ink prices!

Web serials are another thing I have read a lot more of lately.  Are they a thing of the future – definitely yes!  I can see this being big, and interesting.  I love episodic stories, almost complete within themselves, but with a catch that keeps you reading more, and developing along with the characters.  Web serials are like the serious  reader’s version of comics, without the pictures.  (Don’t get me wrong, comics are cool!)  And I don’t really know why I think that!  Episodic stories have been around for years – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle originally produced Sherlock Holmes as a Serial in the English Newspapers (don’t ask which one, I don’t know that much information!)

Could I write a web serial – one day I might, but for now, I want to concentrate on getting published.   Whether that is through conventional means or though the internet, well, I suppose that is for the publisher to decide!

e-fiction – hit or myth?

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  • December 14, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    The first generation of Kindle didn’t interest me much. It was odd looking and bulky. I have had a Sony PRS500 for a couple of years now and there really was no reason to trade it in. Until now. Amazon has done to the eReader what Apple did to the laptop. They made it look beautiful as well as incredibly functional.

    Being a Mac guy the Sony Reader frustrated me each and every time I plugged it in and nothing happened. I had to reboot in Windows and only then would the reader be recognized. I literally had two operating systems JUST so I could download new books to my reader. With the Kindle2 this is not an issue.

    Before I even received my Kindle I bought a Kindle book from Amazon and when my Kindle arrived the book was immediately downloaded within seconds. In fact, I didn’t even see it download. It was just there when I turned the Kindle on for the first time… like magic.

    The Kindle2 is very easy to hold and I actually prefer it to paper books because there is no bend in the body. When I read a paper book I have to either read with two hands, or bend one half around the back and hold it with one hand which ruins the binding.

    A cool feature is the author photo which comes up each time you turn the Kindle off. A new author each time greets you when you go to turn it back on again. Another great feature is the built in dictionary. You have to look up your misunderstood words in order to get full understanding and with this product it’s easy. Just scroll over the word and the definition is displayed. Awesome!

    Very well done Amazon for creating such a brilliant product. It is a joy to look at and use.


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