Well October was Gothic Novel Writing Month, and while I haven’t finished, or accomplished the 50k limit, I am not feeling like I have let myself down, in fact I am feeling very positive, and still keen as to write!  Currently, my wordcount is 23152 which is 46%.

NPI (Novel Push Initiative) for the week:

Monday 25th – 1096 words

Tuesday 26th – 1071 words

Wednesday 27th – 2115 words

Thursday 28th – 1417 words

Friday 29th – 1137 words

Saturday 30th – 526 words

Sunday 31st – 736 words

So while the novel push initiative has finished, I believe that I have done quite well for the month.  There were days I missed, but overall, I did accomplish writing, which was the spirit of the push.

NPI and Gothic Novel

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