Ok, so like last year I will be focusing on 4 aspects of wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  But I’ll only blog once a fortnight on all of the aspects, rather than focus on one each week.

So this year, I am focusing on experiences – gaining experience, finding new experiences, trying new things.  And there will be a continuation of things from last year as well, because there are some things I really enjoyed doing.

So this year – physical is about the body.  I started doing high impact intensity training (or is that high intensity impact training???) and I really enjoyed it.  So this year I want to continue on with that and also get out and about on my bike a bit more.  Bicycle bike, not the motorbike.  I also want to eat a lot healthier than I am, so focusing on less processed foods and more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Mental is all about the mind, keeping it agile and happy.  Gardening is my go to for this, and I want to continue on with that.  In fact, I’ve picked up some part time work as a gardener, which I am really enjoying right now.  I also want to learn sign language – which will give me another skill, so I will learn some basic sentences over the coming year.  I have a friend who is a teacher who knows a lot of sign language, and another friend who is deaf, and learnt sign language even though she had a cochlear implant, so hopefully they will help me with refining this skill.

Emotional wellbeing is about recognising my reactions and how I respond to them.  So I want to focus on creating happy memories this year.  Especially after the shocker last year, with my marriage break up and Poppa dying.  I plan on doing this by spending time out sailing with my Wellington friend, and also doing the Rail Trail with my son.  Also spending time with him doing things he enjoys doing.

Spiritual wellbeing isn’t necessarily about religion.  It is about where you fit into the overall scheme of your community.  Since I have left the op shop, I don’t really have any volunteering work, so I might just have a look around and see what I can do, whether it is bake a cake for someone in the community, or maybe some gardening, or housework.  I’ll find something to do.  Also doing more yoga work, and breathing, as this has been really good at keeping me centred, calm and focused.  Why didn’t I put this under physical? Because Yoga is about breathing and gentle exercise, and the breathing is good for the soul.  It helps your body when you are times of stress to calm down – a big part of how you deal with life outside of your house.

What about you? Have you thought about your wellbeing and what you will do to help yourself?   Feel free to comment below.

Next week, I will be starting a new feature – He Said She Said – sharing lyrics, sayings or interviews of people who have really inspired or encouraged me.


Wellbeing 2017
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