OK, I mentioned some time ago that I was suckered in and started reading the Twilight series.  Well I can confirm that I have read 3 1/2 books and the affair is still going.  I love it.  And I think I could read it again and again.

Why have I been drawn into these stories?  I guess because it is about vampires and a love affair between a vampire, human and werewolf.  While it sounds like an odd combination, Stephanie Meyer has managed to make it all very dramatic and interesting.

I watched Dr Phil one day saying that it was a toxic relationship and was giving girls the wrong impression about love and relationships.  While watching the movie, I would probably have to agree with him, because Bella does seem to be rather dependent on Edward, but in the book, I picked up other things.

I have been in a relationship where you felt that you could not survive without the other person, but I was also strong enough in myself to stand up for myself if I needed to.  I am no door mat, and Bella isn’t either.  Edward can be perceived as being a control freak, but he is more concerned about keeping the love of his life alive.

The other thing that I really liked about the story, which would be more relevant for the teens is that Edward would not sleep with Bella until they were married.  It was partly because of the era he was born from (1900’s) but I also think that Stephanie was really trying to get across that it is ok to abstain from a relationship until you make a commitment to each other.  And marriage is the biggest commitment you can make.

Out of the three books, I quite liked New Moon and Eclipse the best, but then I haven’t finished Breaking Dawn.  Eclipse had a lot of info dumping in it, but I can see why it had to be done, and there probably was no way around it.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience and I was able to lose myself in the story very easily.   Thank you Stephanie Meyer for a series of books that were a pleasure to read.

(PS – I still believe vampires don’t glitter in the sunlight, the get burned and blow to dust…)

Why I like Twilight

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