I have so much writing to do, it just isn’t funny!  I have my last writing assignment to do before completing my writing course – and it is plan out your novel, submit the first couple of chapters, and nominate which publishers you would try your story with.  Fortunately I had Huntress, because right now, I don’t think I could churn out two chapters that bloody quickly – but I didn’t have a full plan for it – because I ended up starting half way through my plan.  However over the weekend, I have cobbled together a plan, and I have one idea of a place I could submit it to, so need to research a couple more.

Rosalind AllenI am busy doing up the critique I have received back from one of my Critiquers on Whose that Girl.  Man this woman is amazing, so many brilliant ideas, and helpful tips, compliments on parts she liked.  Very encouraging.  I was expecting the manuscript to come back covered in red, but it isn’t!  Once I get my second critiquers back, I can add her ideas / suggestions (if they haven’t already been done) and then I can submit!  Yay!

As for writing, I have been thinking about a story about a Taniwha, that would fit in with the romance and the Cursed Love story (also involving Maori culture).  I am so totally in love with the Taniwha idea right now – it is really swamping me and I am finding it hard to focus on the last assignment above.

keyboardAnd then, to make it worse (or better as the case may be…), on Friday, on my way into town, I started thinking about another story idea, and even had the opening line – It’s a tranquil moment, that moment before death.  I have part of the story  – only the beginning, but sounding a little science fiction to me – and a mystery too.  Discovered that morning that I can speak to my cellphone and it will put things into text, so I opened up my Memo, pressed the microphone button and recorded the first paragraph of that story.  Man that was so cool.  Was starting to think I would need a dictaphone because I always seem to come up with cool ideas while I’m driving, but now I don’t have to!  Just have to make sure that I have the phone handy.  Of course it isn’t failproof, but I edit it once I have the car stopped to what I wanted it to sound more like.

So I think this year might be a busy year for writing – don’t know if I can crank out five or six stories – but hey, I did three novella’s last year!  I am sure there is a novel in there somewhere!

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2 thoughts on “Writing…?

  • January 20, 2014 at 8:09 am

    That is so cool your phone can take notes for you! lol wicked. Sounds like you have ideas coming at you left right and centre – hope the year behaves for you and you get oodles of writing time!

  • January 20, 2014 at 3:47 pm

    A taniwha! That has a lot of potential. I have a voice recorder I use when ideas come to me in the car (which they have a tendency to do) but haven’t worked out a voice-to-text memo yet.


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