I have a story I have been working on for ages.  And I mean ages.  Its a great story, one I really love, but it keeps stalling.  And it seems to stall at the same point every time.

And it wasn’t until last week, I realised why the story was stalling.  Something I wanted to happen, just wouldn’t fit.  I wanted the characters to come together in a moment of passion and have wild sex…

But to be honest, the story doesn’t need the sex.

I was listening to Nalini Singh talk last weekend about her stories and how sex scenes should move the story, either forward, backwards or sideways.  But it should keep moving the story.  When I tried to make these two characters come together, the story was stalling out, like a plane going into too steep an incline.  It couldn’t handle it, and they would fall away from each other.  Like too poles on a magnet, they were repelling each other.

No matter what I tried, it wasn’t working.  It didn’t help that the hero was actually not really human.  Then the sex felt very wrong, but unless he could miraculously turn into a human for the purposes of sex, then that seemed really out of character for him.

So taking on board Nalini’s advice, I have decided that I won’t be doing that.  I will remove any reference to them having sex, and keep the story sweet and simple, just like the original fairy tale it is based on.

Yes, I’m talking about Curse of the Taniwha.  I recently watched the Emma Watson version of Beauty and the Beast, and I have to admit, it is now one of my three favourite movies (Labyrinth and Princess Bride being the other two).  And watching this live action movie really brought home how sweet and beautiful the original tale is.  Yet there is no sex in it.  One presumes that happens after they marry… but who knows.

So I will go back with a happier heart, and rewrite that scene, because I know that the Taniwha and Rena were starting to enjoy each others company, and if I remove this excessive piece of codswallop, then I think the story will flow better, and their attraction will shine through without having to make it extremely obvious.

Writing Process – Bringing Characters Together

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