10-day-write-blog-challenge-daily6Profile 4 Writing Websites / Blogs that you read regularly

Make this tougher by only profiling community or larger websites, dismissing blogs of your writer friends (only for now!). Profile websites that you get information from. For brownie points, add how you read them (feed reader, newsletter updates, emails, on-site?).

Hmmm, 4?  Bit of a push, but will see what I can find.  First the one I really love, and subscribe to is The Other Side of the Story  I get an email every day covering topics such as writing characters, learning new techniques, point of view etc.  I love this site because it sends me regular emails (about 3 a week) based on the blog that Janice Hardy has on her site.

I would be rather remiss to not mention KiwiWriters.  Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE KiwiWriters?  They have a fabulous new site, which has monthly writing challenges, blog posts from regular contributors, forums where people can connect up and they have a presence on facebook and twitter.  What more could a kiwi writer want?  I am the administrator of this site, so I get to see most of the content before it goes up  🙂

WoW or Women on Writing is another cool site with lots of interesting articles on writing and they have a facebook page with links to the articles they produce.  They also have competitions and interviews with other female writers.  I tend to follow this more through facebook than through any other feeds.

websitesThe last site I recommend is NaNoWriMo which stands for National Novel Writing Month (which is November).  The NaNo site gives you information on writing challenges coming up for the year, a forum for you to enter and discuss all sorts of writing conundrums, pep talks and just general socialness for writers during the month of November.  NaNo is something I intend to participate in this year, so only just recently signed up, but loving what I am seeing already.

So there are four sites I visit a lot about writing – but I also visit some other very interesting sites that may be of interest to you too:

ProWritingAid – this wonderful site helps you to analyse your work, find out where there are faults and just pick apart anything that needs to be picked apart (overuseage of certain words like was), uses of cliche’s, sentence length indicators, grammar.  Wonderful little site.

Storytoolz – a busy little site, that has also analyse your work, but on a more basic level.  Also has a plot generator, word count widgets and readability function.  Useful if you need another conflict to throw at a character.

If you are a NZ Historical writer, a wonderful resource is Papers Past.  I could live on this site permanently – I love the prose and the bias of the early journalists.  Just about every paper ever published in New Zealand has been scanned and uploaded to this site.  Lots of wonderful articles and news events to research here.

10 Day Writers Blogging Challenge – Day 6

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