Day 5Show off 3 of your best blog posts (with links!)

Why are these your best (so far!). Consider comments, page visit stats, or the content.

Introversion and Me – This is a relatively recent post about myself and introversion, and how it all makes sense  🙂  This is the biggest post according to the Stats page.

Pixies vs Elves – Asking what the difference is between Pixies and Elves – because I had been struggling to differentiate them.  also one of the most popular posts, even today with Pixies Vs Elves coming up as the most searched for terms.

Another Angel in Heaven – A major incidence occurred in our small community when we lost of beautiful little 6 year old girl in tragic circumstances.  The entire community rallied together to support the parents and siblings of this little angel.  This is one of my favourite posts because it talks about this beautiful child and how she touched so many lives prior to her death.  My other favourite is my post about a really good friend – Mark Fowler a wonderful man that I only got to know better after his death.  His death also taught me a lot about life and how to life it for all it is worth – because that is what he did  🙂

I sneaked an extra one in  🙂

NZ Book Month – Romancing Medicine with Louisa George – An interview I did with Louisa George in March this year for NZ Book Month.  An intriguing look into the mind of a Medical Romance Writer.  Also a popular post, so I have included it here.

10 Days Writer Blogging Challenge – Day 5
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